About Us

Now in our 20th year, The Lions Club of Ivybridge has been serving the town and the surrounding areas since 2000. The club  is part of District 105SW which is a district that covers Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

Every year we raise thousands of pounds which are donated to many local, national and international worthy causes, which have included:-  The Ivybridge Ring & Ride Service, The RNIB, Ivybridge Caring, The Childrens Happy Hospital plus Many More. We also pride ourselves in giving out time to helping other people in our local community.

Lions can be seen regularly, doing bucket collections, litter picks, projects such as ‘Message in a Bottle’ which assist the emergency services and regularly assist the Ivybridge Foodbank in and around Ivybridge as well as local events where we run games and other fun activities.

We collect and recycle thousands of pairs of spectacles which are passed onto the third world.


Lions Are Ordinary People—Doing Amazing Things. Why Wait To Be Invited? Come Along & Be Part of Something Amazing!


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