I joined lions because

I Joined the Lions Because…

‘I wanted to do something to help others in my community, I had been involved in similar organizations where I came from and had just moved to the area and thought it was a good way to meet people and make new friends.’

scan0029‘I joined several years ago, in a manner of saying “It really was being in the right place at the right time.” The mayor knew I helped with stage lighting and suggested my services would be useful to the Lions. I enjoyed helping out so much that I never left! I enjoy being part of a club that benefits the local people in so many ways and I enjoy using my technical ability to help provide a service back to the community.’

‘Joining the Lions was really good for me, it improved my confidence, giving me new skills and new friends to socialize with.’

‘The Lions Club is fantastic, I have made lifelong friends and have brought a smile to the faces of the needy.’

‘I Joined because there is too much take and not enough give. Now I have the opportunity to make a real difference and to do something positive for our society’

‘I joined to help other people. I really enjoy seeing someone smile because of something that I have done, it gives me an enormous degree of satisfaction. I know that I have the help and support of other Lions around world.’